Donald M. Glenn

Donald M. Glenn


My name is Donald Glenn. I have been falsely imprisoned in the State of Ohio, USA since 1984. With the help of the eager news-media, the State and others have perpetrated this deliberate fraud, at my expense, for over 35 years now. They use me as a scapegoat, to keep all of their wrongdoing covered-up in this case. I honestly need your help and support, to correct this mockery of justice.

Beginning in May 1984, shortly after a serious car accident, I developed severe mental and physical health problems: Unknown at the time, I became severely mentally ill. A few months later, in August 1984, while severely mentally ill, I was involved in a shooting incident with city police officers in Cambridge, Ohio, USA. One officer was killed, another off-duty officer was wounded, and I was later wounded. There is credible evidence that will prove the off-duty officer killed the other officer: Unknown at the time, such evidence was intentionally covered-up at the trial. There is also credible evidence that will prove the crime scene altered and evidence tampered with. Unknown at the time, such evidence was intentionally covered-up at the trial. The defense attorneys did not defend me against the State's false and misleading case. Instead, they subtlety worked with the State, to obtain maximum convictions and sentences. These true facts and evidence, among others; were intentionally covered-up by the State, attorneys, and others involved with this case.

This case is a high-profile case that involves many police officers. At trial, the State and others engaged in grandstanding. They made themselves look so grand, while making me look so vile in the public eye. Unknown at the time, the State and others intentionally used false and misleading evidence against me about what really happened before, during, and after the shooting incident. They took advantage of my severe mental illness during trial, where I could not defend myself. The eager news-media reported this sham trial from beginning to end. The death of the officer, and wounding of the off-duty officer are admittedly very tragic; however, it does not justify the State's use of intentional false and misleading evidence in this case.

Before and during trial, the Court's selected experts, State's selected experts, and defenses selected experts reported that at the time of the shooting incident; because of severe mental illness, I was not legally sane. The credible and extensive evidence, expert and layman, not only met, but exceeded the requirements of the legal insanity standard for Ohio, USA. As a matter of law, the Court had a duty to enter a judgement of acquittal. Instead, the Court relied on the State's false and misleading evidence that was used against me, and imposed maximum convictions and sentences. There is credible evidence that will prove, that the Court relied on false and misleading evidence to imposed the convictions and sentences. There is also credible evidence to prove, that the defense attorneys worked .with the State, instead of defending me against the false and misleading evidence used by the State in this case.

It is my hope that this intentional miscarriage of justice will move you to offer your help and support, to obtain honest justice and release in this case. Additional information is available upon request. Unfortunately, under imprisonment, I do not have the funds or resources needed to obtain an attorney, or investigator, or other experts to correct this awful injustice. The State takes advantage of such pitful situation. Some people are really stubborn, and believe that everyone in prison should be there, or at least until it happens to them, or someone in their family, or somebody they know, and it is only then that they can really find out the truth; that is, if they honestly care . . .

If there is sombody you may know - or something you can do that can help and support my efforts to seek justice and release in this case, than please contact me at your earliest convenience. To contact me, please write: `


EXHIBIT #1. Ralph Watkins, CPD testified that Glenn said " ... two or three times, 'I am coming back' ... anf he wasn't saying he was just coming back for court ... he was saying the words 'I am coming back' in a way of a threatening nature to you? Yes ... " (Note: This is false, Glenn made no, direct or indirect; threats to anybody. Glenn was repeatedly advised by the officer, that he must return for his court hearing, and Glenn repeatedly replied that he would return for his court hearing). After we made our report out I think he went upstairs where he bonded out, and he left :" Several days later, Glenn returned and " . . . came to the office and wanted to know if he could change his court appearance date ... He left, and that was it ... He seemed very congenial and polite--very normal... " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 115, 144-145)

EXHIBIT #2. Ken Grubbs, CPD testified that he was " ... the first one to Lt, Dragosin's body . . . I went back in the station and called Captain Grubbs, Detective Anker, and secured the scene at that time ..." (Note: There were no experts investigating the crime scene, and/or processing any of the evidence related to this case). (Grand Jury Transcript; Pg. 222).

EXHIBIT #3. Steve Colby, Byrd Ambulance said that " ... Officer Dragosin was covered with a green blanket ... we put Dragosin's body on the cot ... It was very chaotic ... " (Note: The crime scene and evidence therefrom was, and is, altered, contaminated, and tampered with in this case). (Byrd Ambulance Service Trip Report, dated August 21, 1984).

EXHIBIT #4. Captain Grubbs said that Dragosin's " ... body had been moved from its location ... "(Police Report, dated August 21, 1984).

EXHIBIT #5. Ralph Portier, United Ambulance said that " ... we found Officer Dragosin laying on his back near a crusier near the front door of the police headquarters ... " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pg.84).

EXHIBIT #6: Steve Colby, Byrd Ambulance testified that he“... proceeded over in the direction of the front door of the police station, where I saw the first victim, which was Officer Dragosin ... covered with a green blanket ... He was on his back ... (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 93-94).

EXHIBIT #7. Linda Mae Edie said " ... I saw the officer (Dragosin) fall forward on his stomach ... Lt.(Dragosin) fall forward ... the Lt.(Dragosin) was laying right on his face on the ground ... " (Police Statement, Pg.3, dated August 21, 1984; Police Statement, Pg.5, dated August 28, 1984).

EXHIBIT #8. Linda Mae Edie testified " ... he (Glenn) had the gun pointed against his head ... then he fired and Jerry fell on his face ..." (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 27-28; 30).

EXHIBIT #9. Steve Colby, Byrd Ambulance, testified " ... There were people just walking around that station and the police were going about their business of what they had to do ... there were so many officers there ... We proceeded, with the assistance of an officer, to move the body (Dragosin) ... We were then informed by a detective ... this was a homocide and he (Dragosin) was not to be moved until after a thorough investigation or survey of the scene had been conducted ... "(Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 95-98).

EXHIBIT #10. James Grubbs, CPD Testified that " ... Officer Dragosin was laying in front of a crusier parked in the driveway. It (Dragosin) was covered up ... we began a sweep of the area where alot of people had congregated ... the ambulance attendants moved the body ... We then chalked the area where the body was found ... " (Note: There were no qualified experts investigating the crime scene, and/or processing any of the evidence related to this case). (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 213-214).

EXHIBIT #11. William Myers CPD testified that when he arrived at the police station, he observed Dragosin's head was pointed " ... towards the steps ... " (Trial Transcript, Pg:89).

EXHIBIT #12. Steve Colby, Byrd Ambulance, in his report about the positioning of the body (Dragosin), reported that Dragosin's head was positioned in the opposite direction (Byrd Ambulance Service Trip Report, Attachment).

EXHIBIT #13. Peggy L. McKee, United Ambulance, said that her partner Ralph Portier " ... was going to keep (Woody's) gun which was lying at his head but (Woody) said to give it to Capt. Grubbs ..." (United Ambulance Service Trip Report; dated August 21, 1984)

EXHIBIT #14. Peggy McKee, United Ambulance, testified that ... " He (Woody) told me he had shot at the man with a .25 caliber handgun and the -gun was there by his person. Ralph (partner) was going to keep the gun because there were a lot of bystanders, but Woody told Ralph to give it to one of the officers that had come on the scene ... " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pg. 90).

EXHIBIT #15. Ralph Portier and Peggy McKee testified that Woody " ... was in the upper parking lot ... We, continued to support the bleeding ... started IV therapy ... and then we transported him to the hospital ... " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 86, 90; 95-96).

EXHIBIT #16. Steve Colby, Byrd Ambulance; testified that Woody " ... was at the back of the police unit, Car 26 ... parked in the driveway ... ... the car officer Woody was laying against in the driveway (lower) ... " (Grand Jury Transcript; Pgs: 95-96)

EXHIBIT #17. Robert Edwards, CPD testified that " ... things were very confusing ... I assisted in securing the scene. We strung police tape all across the parking lot to keep sightseers away ... They were just taking Woody away. I didn't even see him, I just saw the ambulance leaving ... the evidence was all handled by Capt. Grubbs and Detective Anker ... Lt. Van Horn ... "(Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 161-163).

EXHIBIT #18. Jeff Anker, CPD testified " ... We felt the scene should be secured because we were getting a large crowd of people gathering in the area. We secured the crime scene and -eliminated unauthorized persons from the area :.. " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pgs. 202-203).

EXHIBIT #19. R.S. Arbough, West Virginia State Police, testified that Officer Robert Weekly from Bellaire, Ohio allegedly removed the two handguns from Glenn's car, and gave them to a wheeling police officer who gave them to myself ..." (Grand Jury transcript, Pg. 181).

EXHIBIT #20. Lt. Arnold Van Horn, Sheriff, Dept. testified that West Virginia State Trooper "... advised that he had two handguns from the car in his possession at that time ... which were removed by him from Glenn's car, and ..." (Note: Evidence tampering and chain of custody broken). (Sheriff Dept. Report, dated August Z3, 1984) Grand Jury Transcript, Pg. 166).

EXHIBIT #21. Jeff Anker, CPD testified "... Later that night (August 21, 1984) myself, Detective Edwards, Lt. Van Horn, and Sheriff Carpenter drove to Wheeling Detachment of the State Police and met with Trooper Arbaugh. He had in his custody some handguns and money in a wallet that were taken from the suspect upon his apprehension (They took custody) ... They were turned over to Captain Grubbs to be secured as evidence ..." (Note: Evidence tampering and chain of custody broken). (Grand Jury Transcript, Pg. 204).

EXHIBIT #22. James Grubbs, CPD testified that he received "... the weapons recovered in Glenn's car by ... Edwards and Ankers … and they were submitted to BCI by myself .. " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pg. 216).

EXHIBIT #23. David Nibert, BCI Latent Print Technician, tested the two handguns submitted, Smith & Wesson .357 and Ruger Security-Six .357 Magnum, which "... failed to reveal any latent prints ... for identification purposes ..." (BCI Laboratory Report #84-40440, dated August 27, 1984).

EXHIBIT #24. Lt. Arnold Van Horn, Sheriff's Dept. said "... The bullet was removed ... by Dr. Hastedt and given to Lt. Arnold Van Horn. Mr. Van Horn washed it (bullet) off, and placed it in an evidence container ..." Note: Evidence tampering and chain of custody broken). (Sheriff's Dept: Report, dated August 23, 1984).

EXHIBIT #25. Rebecca Knight CPD testified that Glenn "... was struggling with Lt. Dragosin and ...He shot him in the head ...(Grand Jury Transcript-,--Pgs. 11-12; Trial Transcript, Pg.146).

EXHIBIT #26. Linda Edie testified that Glenn "... had the gun at the nape of his neck ... I heard a gun shot and I saw the officer (Dragosin) fall forward on his stomach ... " (Grand Jury Transcript, Pg. 28; Trial Transcript, Pg.182).

EXHIBIT #27. Eugene Woody, CFD testified that " ... Jerry (Dragosin) gave him (Glenn) a push and he shot Jerry ..." (Note: Rebecca Knight, Linda Edie, and Eugene Woody said that Lt. Dragosin was shot at point blank range and/or very close range). (Police Statement, Pg.l, dated August 21, 1984; Police Statement, Pg.2, dated August23, 1984; Trial Transcript, Pg. 205).

EXHIBIT #28. Dr. Robert C. Hastedt, Pathologist, testified " ... Did you observe on the body in your external examination or any other examination what is characterized as gunshot residue, muzzle blast residue? No ... " (Trial Transcript, Pg.68):

EXHIBIT #29. Ronald W: Dye, BCI Ballistics Technician, testified that during his examination of Lt. Dragosin's clothing he found no evidence whatsoever of gunshot residue, muzzle blast residue ... I found in test firing the Ruger revolver that it left detectable gunshot residue up to a distance of four feet and none at a distance of five feet ..." (Note: This indisputable physical evidence is proof that Lt. Dragosin was not shot at point blank range and/or very close range. This indisputable physical evidence is proof, that the Prosecutor and his above-mentioned key witnesses knowingly and intentionally presented false and misleading evidence against Glenn). (Trial Transcript, Pgs. 372-373).

EXHIBIT #30. Lewis M. Tingle; Defense Counsel, said " ... We do not quarre1 with the sequence of events that Mr. Plummer (Prosecutor) has just recited and will probably not question or quarrel with the testimony of many of the thirty or more witnesses the State intends to call ... There's no question that Donald Glenn did pull the trigger of the gun that took the life of Lt. Jerry Dragosin :.. " (Note: Lewis M. Tingle not only conceded Glenn's guilt over his intransigent and unambiguous objections, but he also entirely failed to subjct the Prosecutor's case to any meaningful adversarial testing, and effectively joined the Prosecutor's efforts to convict Glenn). (Trial Transcript, Pg. 12).

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