- Created motive: free from her children  to enjoy unlimited love affairs while standing,

      again pregnant, before the bar one year later

   - Incomplete act of murder: Diane drove her injured children to the hospital still noticeable alive

   - Ammunition "manifesting" itself in the defendants home

   - Inconclusive ballistics

   - State's forensic scientists with conflicting reports

   - Left-handed shooter; right-handed defendant

   - Unused .38 handgun in the trunk not opened

   - Fingerprints at the crime scene, discovered and suppressed by the State, not compared from

     driver's door and trunck, though state agents knew male attacker passed through

     the driver's door

   - Police witness reports of stranger and confessions suppressed or not pursued *

   - 10 years after trial seven witnesses affidavits told of one man's continuous confession as

     the shooter of the Downs family. The confessor strongly resembling composite's and

     sketches by mother and daughter of their attacker

   - Confessor identified as affiliate member of a criminal biker gang  *

   - Retired from office DA Pat Horton can be seen as a defense attorney for the

     confessor's biker gang "Free Souls" one year later

   - James Haynes and District Attorney, Pat Horton, seen (and photographed) attending

      the same drug parties.







* >>You should know that Clayton Nysten was murdered in a hotel room in Springfield, Or a few years ago after suffering a near fatel motercycle accident, he checked into the long-stay room to heal up and the next day they found him dead on the floor, reaching for the phone. The police said he just fell and hit his head. He told me at the time that the paperwork was going around that if Jim Haynes ever got the chance, he would kill him for telling on him. I guess he got the chance to kill again?? I do not believe for even one second that Ms Downs shot her own kids, I do believe that she knew too much and saw the former district attorney Pat Horton and his crew of narcs/Meth cooks at a place she was told not to go. They used Jim Haynes to do all their dirty work and to scare and control people.
I have been told that Diane was warned not to go to the house in Springfield, as a result Jim Haynes was told to "teach her a lesson". Clayton was told to pick Jim up and hide the gun. The lane county protected Meth cooks continued to Make and sell for drugs for this group for 5-6 years after this set-up. Finally the feds busted the ring and the bad guys got away with murder, and an innocent woman sits in prison?? This is so wrong!!!! (Name) any questions feel free to e-mail me. <<

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008