On May 19, 1983, Elizabeth Diane Downs and her three small children were shot by an assassin on a country road near Springfield, Oregon.


The account for TV movie "Small Sacrifices", based on Ann Rule's book, paint a  sordid and distorted  picture of the sentenced mother. The role of Diane Downs was portrayed by Farrah Fawcett using Diane's real name without her consent and was primarily based on book, the trial and conclusions. It create an impression in the mind of the public that it was a representation of the truth. In the movie assumed names of the other players are as well untrue.


and what  happened in  great  extend:

The reality of this case reveals an Oregon murder investigation that was corrupt, an individual that was persecuted and who, with good believe, was not only innocent but received excessive punishment. The case was prosecuted on serious suspicion of wrongdoing which included:


                             - manipulated wittness's

                   - fabricated evidence and withheld documents

                   - unfair and incorrect procedure

                   - excessive and unreasonable punishment following

the conviction

                   - conspiracy of wrongdoing