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Franz Kurz

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Basic Idea


Three major fields of our social life combine with each other which are; Economy (securing man's earthly life), Law and Order (in our relations), and Spiritual / Cultural life in our development.

It goes with Fraternity, Equality and Liberty, the ethos of the French Revolution.

Here we focus on the organization of Law and Justice by individual cases in their social relevance. Taken from the self-titled leading nation, the United States of America. The Government of this nation distributes, if necessary by war, a so-called unending war, against terrorism to societies from it's own imaginative form of Democracy and Freedom. Europe is seen as ’old’ while they themselves remain - especially in this field - as traditional as one could imagine. Though not ’stoning’ women (John 8,5), the state still murders in the name of the law. An expression of inhumanity. The U.S.A. has the highest prisoner rate among civilized non-dictatorial societies. Who's democratic participation is withdrawn like prisoners. Some reasons come to our understanding when we have a look at individual cases. Everybody is invited to recognize and discover what is visible in it's disguise -- under the cloak of truth and justice -- comon sense can discover.















- To make known to the public individuals, the fate of God's children regarding the typical procedure of cases take in the US (lower?) courts.

- To give an opportunity to individuals to  support and help (Christian's duty given by the Lord) their fellow citizen on Man’s Earth, and find understanding and attention even to those who failed.

- To give an opportunity to other people/nations to learn and take preventative action in this time so that more of these inhuman and unacceptable developments of injustice behaviorism may not overflow to less critical governments and political leaders proud to express "unrestricted solidarity" for whatever reason.

- To more place a closer eye on a field, mostly unwatched, and it's development expressing as well our understanding of culture.

Today the individual has greater access and knowledge of such systems. They are no longer the sole property of the professional. We are aware many stones come together in forming such a system from mankind's beginning. We try to see the general within the individual case. Cases have been occasional selected. No claim of an academic work. Non-lawyer is watching lawyer's fruits.





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Martin Luther King :

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